Tips on Visualisation

1) Get yourself into an empowered state: positive, relaxed

2) Focus on what your Health problem is and what you know about it

3) What does that image look like, to you

4) Next imagine what that image would look like to you

5) Slowly have the negative image growing healthier, to look more like the healthy image (for some this is easier in metaphor)

Ideas for metaphor

Imagine unhealthy cells as the older version computers and the immune system as the newest computer on the market. Have the new computers connect with the old computers and reprogram them, in a way that will create your optimum health.
Imaging weak cells looking healthier as they feed off your positive emotions, becoming stronger and stronger, with each intake of breath, easily able to deal with, whatever?
Imagine a scene, of a place you like to go to, only it is covered with garbage (dis-ease) and whenever you can, start cleaning it until it sparkles.