Progressive Muscle Relaxation

1) Breathe slowly and deeply as with the deep breathing exercise

2) When ready, as you breathe in, tense up your muscles, concentrate on one area at a time, hold your breath and the tension for the count of about 7 seconds

3) As you breathe out let the tension go, feeling the tension draining away. If you would like visualise it leaving your body to go out into the universe where it might be useful

4) Do this technique starting with the head or face, lips or eyes, depending on how small of an area you want to work with at one time. You will be working your way down your body, one area at a time.

5) If you wish you can redo an area as often as you like.

6) Each time you breathe out, feel yourself relaxing, feel the energy and tension draining away, leaving you limp, heavy and comfortable.

7) When finished, continue to breathe comfortably, slowly, and relaxed