1) First access your parasympathetic nervous system

2) Breathe easily and relax

3) When ready close your eyes and imagine a natural setting, someplace you have been before works best. What does it look like to you? Notice the sounds, the feeling of the ground as you walk or sit

4) Continuing to breathe deeply, concentrate on all the little details that make this place real, as if you are there now.

5) If you get distracted, that is fine, you will find the more you practise this, the easier it will get. You will be able to go to this special place whenever you want or need to, no matter where you are, or what you are doing.

6) Continue to make the vision more and more real to you, breathing it in, being there now

7) Repeating a special word can also help. Like ‘relaxation’, or ‘tranquil’ what ever works for you