Imagery to help reduce pain

1) Breathe deeply and relax

2) Notice where the trouble area or pain is.

3) Imagine what it would look like to you if you could see it. What colour is it? What shape is it?

4) Imagine as you breathe in you are breathing in healing energy, breathing it directly to the area you are concentrating on,

5) Notice how that energy changes the original image

6) As you breathe out have this new image leave with your exhale.

7) Next breathe in again and again notice the new image, how the energy has changed the original image

8) Again on the out breathe, breath out this new image

9) It helps to have an area that you would like the image, which you are releasing, to go to. (the garbage can, the toilet???)

10) Continue doing this ‘til the image of what is left looks totally healthy