Chapter 14

Iridology and Reflexology

While working with the TCM doctor he continually counselled us on integrating all aspects that might be beneficial to my recovery. Already we had been working with acupuncture, vitamins and nutrition. Added to this he believed strongly in reflexology. The basis of which is that every nerve in your body is connected to the extremities, the hands and feet. It is through manual manipulation of these areas that the whole of the body can be helped.
Working the pressure points of my hands and feet extensively, he was able to teach my mother, and husband, some of the art of reflexology, giving them direction for when we were back at the apartment. Later, to my advantage for years to come, they both took a one-day course on the subject. This became one of the mainstays for keeping my temperature down, they had learned about a spot near the top of my spine, that when given pressure, could lower my body temperature, which was essential for as time passed it continually tried to rise above normal. This was one of the measurable symptoms that let us know the cancer was gaining strength. With the reflexology though we were able to gain a semblance of control over my temperature keeping it down to near normal as well as to soothe my aches and pains, which were ever increasing with my limited movement, helping me to relax.

There were many a night that my mother or my husband would be working with me doing reflexology throughout the night. I was having trouble sleeping, but not anything like my parents and my husband, who, I found out years later were fearfully listening for me to stop breathing, as the lump in my throat was again at extreme proportions. One night I was awakened by them coming in the room they came in to check to see if I was still alive, only there was a huge hairy spider taking up the whole of the doorway, following them in! It was obvious to all that we were losing the battle. The hallucinations were back!

We were recommended, through the TCM doctor, that a Dr.Bernard Jensen, who had written a book on iridology, was giving a seminar in town. It was suggested that we might find an interview with him informative. After his lecture, he met with us in the back room of the hall where he had his iridology camera situated, looking something like the first cameras back in the 1800’s, set up on a tripod. He had me look directly into it, one eye at a time, and took pictures. From his inspection, he suggested that I had some major problems with my lymphatic system.

Well this correlated well with the truth of the matter, giving credence to his methodology, yet he didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know. He made suggestions towards diet and vitamins, albeit we were already on this route, so we were impressed enough to buy his book and yet we never really gained anything more than proof that there was more to non-traditional medicine than being acclaimed, at the time (1978), within the medical profession.