About the author

Colette Thompson was diagnosed with "Stage 4 aggressive" lymphosarcoma back in 1977, now known as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. By the time it was diagnosed it was traveling thoroughly throughout her lymphatic system as well as her spinal fluid, showing up in her bone biopsies as well as in her blood stream. Since her journey through recovery she, and her husband of thirty-nine years, have been raising four happy, healthy, children and are involved in the lives of their nine grandchildren. She has a survivors understanding and insight into the challenges that can be encountered in life.

She has done extensive research over the years on a variety of topics, with interest varying, depending on what path she was on in the moment. Trained in Counseling Applications, as well as Hypnotherapy she ran a successful Counseling practice specializing in Personal Growth, Self-Esteem and ‘Health Challenges’, such as cancer, in the Sidney BC, area for many years, taking time off to write and produce books.

As her interests have evolved she has totally immersed herself into Photo Restoration/Preservation & WebSite Analytical Marketing Management, not one to let go of the past but to embrace it with all the lessons that it holds available to mentor the next generation.

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